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Ndackson & Company’s services are divided into these three categories:

  • Learning and Development

    The firm continues to build employees into leaders who are excellent performers with high morale and corporate loyalty through our specialized training, courses and coaching:

    Sales, Communication, and Customer Service

     Essential Presentation Skills
     Strategies for Success
     Ziglar Sales Systems
    Assuring Customer Loyalty
    Top Performance
    Strategies for Service Culture Change
    Leading Empowered Teams
    Customer Service Excellence

    Professional Courses

    • Service Excellence Seminar
    • Service, Solutions and Satisfaction: Winning ways for Front Office Staff
    • Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Banking Operations
    • International and Domestic Banking Operations
    • Comprehensive Banking Operations
    • Fraud identification, prevention and control skills
    • Measuring customer satisfaction
    • Money laundering (Operations & Controls perspective)
    • Winning Actions for Today’s Teller
    • Effective Branch Management
    • Skill development for Administrative and Human Resource Personnel

  • Outsourcing

    Our Outsourcing services include training participants to be Tellers, Secretaries, and Platform Assistants for Records, Files and Archiving for perspective national banks.

  • Consulting

    We provide immediate, customized solutions for our clients that include, but are not limited to:

    • Review banking operations including production planning, productivity and service quality.
    • Reviews product, market and customer surveys to evaluate product profitability/life cycles, customer satisfaction levels, market share and growth potentials.
    • Review operational quality to determine staffing adequacy, back office capacity, productivity and cost controls/management.
    • Review adequacy of loss prevention controls, fraud avoidance, regulatory awareness and compliance as well as adequacy of internal audit processes.
    • Develop a comprehensive operations policy and procedures manual to highlight key controls while providing daily operating guidance and on-the job training of staff.

    We hold courses at the client’s specified location upon request.