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"MOVING ONTO THE FAST TRACT IN YOUR CAREER OR BUSINESS We are living in one of the best times in human history...so many opportunities to get paid more for innovative services we provide or promoted faster at work places ...than have ever existed. But we must plan, prepare, expect and seek them! Here are great ideas to enhance your chances of success. ¶ Decide exactly what you want Define your ideal job or business and never stop striving until you get it. ¶ Start early, stay longer, work harder and smarter Always look for ways to go the extra mile and do more than you're paid for. ¶ Guard your integrity as a sacred thing Be honest, straight forward and truthful in all your interactions with others. ¶ Think about the future Keep innovating and improving! Continually look for ways to improve your services and work. ¶ Put people first in everything Look for ways to help your staff, boss, customers and others be their best. ¶ Commit to excellence Resolve to be your very best at doing things important to your company and customers. ¶ Focus on the bottom line Treat every source of revenue and expense integrity and always look for ways to improve the financial results of your company. *See you at the top soon.* Micah Ndackson, LifeSuccess Coach."

Micah Ndackson | CEO